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Mission Statement

Nowhere To Run is focused on Russians who have been sanctioned between the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014 to the present.

It also includes Russian human rights abusers who arrested and tortured and killed Sergei Magnitsky and who arrested and tried Navalny and his supporters.  It also includes those who have been sanctioned for use of chemical weapons, such as the people who poisoned Alexander Litvienenko, the Skripals, Dawn Sturgess, Charlie Rowley, police officer Nick Bailey, and Alexey Navalny.

The sanctioning of human rights abusers, propagandists, poisoners and the people who have destroyed Russia’s democratic systems is crucial for checking the power of Putin.  These are the people the regime depends upon most.  These are people who spin Putin’s lies so that people do not know what their government is doing and do not even know when they are fighting a war against their own brothers and sisters.  These are the people who arrest and kill the people who do know and who still have the courage to protest.

These enablers who have looted Russia and built Putin’s dictatorship have violated the norms of civilized society and must be excluded from all the benefits that civilized society has to offer.  Their assets should be frozen, their families should be sent home to live in the society that they have crafted along with Putin.  They must be kept in Russia along with Mr. Putin and be given nowhere to run.  Only by making all of these people live in Russia and feel the full weight of Putin’s policies and the full weight of the world’s sanctions can we one day achieve peace and a Russia without Putin and his system.

The list of the sanctions designation listings that are included in Nowhere To Run’s database can be found by clicking on Designation Lists on the home page.

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