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Nowhere to Run is a site that instantly tells you who’s been sanctioned somewhere but not in your jurisdiction.

We have limited the database to people sanctioned under regimes related to: Russia, Russia connected to the situation in Ukraine, Russian Corruption, Russian Human Rights, and Russian Chemical Weapons (think Litvinenko and the Skripals).

If you want to know exactly which sanctions lists are in the database you can go to Sanctions Designations Used and Last Update in our menu.

Nowhere To Run lets you generate lists of who is or is not sanctioned in a particular jurisdiction and shows you where else those people have been sanctioned. It then lets you print the lists you generate for your jurisdiction or download them into an Excel spreadsheet.

We’ve created two pages (lists) to start. One is the Nowhere To Run home page and it displays the world wide status of sanctioning various individuals who have been sanctioned somewhere.  The large flags tell you how many sanctioned people out of the total database that each jurisdiction has sanctioned.

There is also a Navalny 35 page that shows who hasn’t sanctioned each of the Navalny 35.

On the site if you click on one of the large flags, such as the UK, it limits the list being shown to the people not sanctioned in the UK.  When you do this you will see that the header for the list on the left underneath the big flags will say “Individuals not sanctioned in the UK”. You can return to the full list by clicking on “Back to all jurisdictions” above that.

When you have the full list the header above the list reads “All Sanctioned Individuals” on the left below the big flags.

If you then click on the small Union Jack while it’s showing the full list of names it will sort the names by everyone sanctioned in the UK or click again, everyone not sanctioned in the UK.

Above the small flags are buttons that allow you to print or download the list you create.

It’s just a quick way to instantly find out which sanctioned individuals we haven’t sanctioned yet.  

Also, as NGOs develop sanctions target lists we will at times post them, such as the Navalny 35.  

While a great deal of people have been sanctioned recently,  many of Russia’s most nasty people, and people integral to Russia’s war effort, have yet to be sanctioned anywhere and we therefore encourage NGO’s to submit detailed sanction target  lists including name, position and reasons for sanctioning a proposed target.  Date of birth is also most helpful if you have it.

Site built atop the Block Protocol.
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